This strain is tranquilizing and tends to be mellow that creeps up on you.

Feels like: Uplifting, Giggly, Relaxed

Taste like: Floral, Nutty, Peppery


  • Proprietary Ceramic Technology
  • Faster Charging: USB-C
  • Diamond Oil Window
  • Pre-Heat Function


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Banana smoothies are a great way to reach your weight gain goals. They have many vital nutrients and are quite calorie-dense for a fruit. For best results, add Buy Banana Smoothie Ghost Torch to your regular smoothie. A healthy fat like almond butter can improve it.

What is the best banana-flavored disposable vape?

The most popular banana-flavored disposable, as voted by vapers, is Elf Bar Banana Ice. 259 vape users gave it an average rating of 4.7 stars. It combines the flavors of banana and ice and cool, for which you can find authentic reviews below.

Is it safe to vape disposable vaporizers?

The short answer is: yes, they are just as safe as any other vaping device. Despite all the speculation in various outlets, there is currently no strong evidence that disposable vapes are more harmful to vapers or ex-smokers.

Is the banana steamer nice?

Banana e-liquids are a popular choice among some of our best sellers. They taste sweet and mild on their own, which means they pair well with strong flavors like ice cream and custard. They are paired with cakes and nuts to create a unique dessert vape.

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Ghost Carts are easily disposable refillable vape pens packed with a full gram of potent, high-quality cannabis extracts. The products are A+. Laboratory tests for the best quality and well-packaged children’s test packs, without solvents, vitamin E, or other heavy metals.

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Ghost Carts are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the advantages of vaping without the trouble of maintenance or refilling, whether they are expert vapers or are just getting started. Our disposable ghost carts come pre-filled with premium THC oil, ensuring a consistent and smooth vaping experience every time.

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