CHURRO WAFFLES Torch Ghost Carts


2G Live Resin Diamonds Disposable (5-Pack)

This strain is known to have a delayed high which starts in the brain and then makes it is way down to the rest of the body.

Feels: Euphoric, Happy, and Productive

Taste: Cheese, Creamy, Earthy


  • Proprietary Ceramic Technology
  • Faster Charging: USB-C
  • Diamond Oil Window
  • Pre-Heat Function


Buy CHURRO WAFFLES Torch Ghost Carts For Sale

CHURRO WAFFLES Torch Ghost Carts are rechargeable vape pens that are quickly thrown away. They contain one full gram of powerful, superior cannabis extract. The goods score an A+. Child-proof packs lab-tested for the highest quality are well-packaged, solvent-free, and devoid of vitamin E or other heavy metals.

According to federal law and many state legislation, our items are acceptable. Our products are made from legal hemp and have a maximum Delta 9 THC content of 0.3%. You must decide whether this product is permitted in your state; we cannot guarantee it.

Can You Vape a Torch Ghost Carts CHURRO WAFFLES?

It’s fantastic to indulge in sweet foods, but you don’t have to limit yourself to sweets, desserts, and flavored beverages. You can get a churro’s sweet cinnamon and sugar flavor from your vape pen, ghost extracts disposable, box mod, or APV.

How does a ghost extracts disposable work?

The first low-heat vaporizer pen for oils and waxes was the Dabber Ghost. Instead of searing hot on contact, our titanium technology progressively warms to the right temperature. As a result, you can fully appreciate the flavor of your oils or waxes because it removes the burned, electric taste associated with vaporizer pens.

Is a ghost disposable wax pen good?

Saying that the ghost disposable wax pen range is flavor-packed could be an understatement. I was content all the time. Each has received reasonable concentration levels. Each disposable provided a reliable, flavorful vape each time, supporting this information.

Why use a ghost bars live resin?

There is a reason why ghost bars live resin is among the most widely used vaping products on the market. But it’s because vape pens provide the ideal blend of size and functionality. Some vape pens are significantly smaller than full-sized vape mods, roughly the size of small cigars. banana smoothie