Torch x Ghost Collection

2G Live Resin Diamonds Disposable (5-Pack)

The energy and focus from this strain are accompanied by a euphoria that hits you in waves.

Feels like: Focused, Uplifting, Talkative

Taste like: Pineapple, Tropical, Grapefruit


  • Proprietary Ceramic Technology
  • Faster Charging: USB-C
  • Diamond Oil Window
  • Pre-Heat Function


Buy ICE CREAM COOKIES Torch Ghost Carts Online

Indica strain ICE CREAM COOKIES Torch Ghost Carts were created by mating Gelato 33 with Wedding Cake. But there is a lot of mystery surrounding the flavor of the Ice Cream Cookies strain cartridge. Still, with Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake as their two key components, this stain will undoubtedly be a delightful, sugary treat to smoke.

What is a cookies and cream cartridge?

Initially, this strain’s indica content has more euphoric effects before gradually lulling you into a more tranquil state. A 2-gram disposable device packed with premium live resin and a special mixture of THCP, Delta-8 THC, and Delta-10 THC is the centerpiece of our Cream Cookies Disposable.

Where to Buy Torch Ghost Carts ICE CREAM COOKIES Vape Pen?

The selection of ICE CREAM COOKIES Torch Ghost Carts is currently small. In the upcoming year, this will change. Some businesses, including Euphoria, offer d-10 disposables, distillates, and vape carts. But the Euphoria Collection D-10 vape cart with Ice Cream Cookies terpene costs $ and is available online at Herbz Depot. Remain loyal to well-known and reputable companies, especially those that offer thorough study credentials for every product they sell. 

More information about Ice Cream Cookies Delta 10 disposable

Delta 8 distillate and Delta 10 distillate are all included. THC vape cartridge Delta 10 Ice Cream Cookies 1g, which have a net weight of 1 gram or 1 ml, are not refillable. But the product offers a delicious taste of ice cream cookies to give you the most flavor of distinctive taste. This hybrid strain is a delicious combination of gelato and wedding cake. Find more Delta 8 ghost

The item can be recharged. The white and red light patterns stand out when speaking of the 280 milliampere battery’s charging patterns. The white light indicates that the device is charging or performing another task. Therefore, it draws attention to its activity. The red light, on the other hand, denotes a low battery level. It needs to be charged at this time. Don’t plug the switch off until the white light goes out. Additionally, it lacks a USB Micro B charging cable.