Shadow Blend Limoncello Ghost Disposable | 3.5g Hybrid


Shadow Blend Limoncello Ghost Disposable | 3.5g Hybrid



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  • 3500mg Per Disposable
  • Rechargeable Disposable
  • Potent and Terpene Specific Flavors
  • Potent blend of Delta-6 THC + THC-A + Liquids Diamonds


Discover the Zesty Euphoria: Shadow Blend Limoncello Ghost Disposable

Welcome to a citrus-infused world of serenity with the Ghost Shadow Blend Limoncello Disposable. This 3.5g Sativa blend combines the invigorating taste of Limoncello with cutting-edge cannabis science, guaranteeing an experience that soothes, uplifts, and invigorates.

Indulge in a Lemon Grove with Every Puff

Our Ghost Shadow Blend Limoncello embraces the fresh, citrusy zest of the famed Italian lemon liqueur, delivering a tangy and refreshing flavor. Every inhale is like wandering through a sun-soaked lemon grove, every exhale a soft whisper of the Mediterranean zephyr.

Shadow Blend Limoncello Ghost Disposable Crafted for Connoisseurs

Potency | Flavor Profile | Strain | Content | |—————|——————-|———-|———-| | 3.5 grams | Limoncello | Sativa | Live Resin Delta-6 THC + THC-A + Liquid Diamonds | | Terpenes | Legality | Expected Effects | Unique Strains Available | | Natural | <0.3% Delta-9 THC, Farm Bill Act Compliant | Body Relaxation & Head High | 4 |

Experience the Entourage Effect

Not just another vape, our Limoncello Disposable is enhanced with a harmonious blend of Live Resin Delta-6 THC, THC-A, and Liquid Diamonds. This trio works in unison to deliver what users describe as an “entourage effect,” amplifying each component’s benefits for a deeply satisfying body relaxation alongside a significant yet sublime head high.

Hemp Quality You Can Trust

At Ghost, we’re committed to excellence. All of our products, including the Shadow Blend Limoncello, are harvested from premium, US-grown hemp. Federally legal and adhering to the strictest quality standards, Ghost ensures that you’re getting the pinnacle of purity and potency.

Shadow Blend Limoncello Ghost Disposable

Our Shadow Blend Limoncello Ghost Disposable not only delivers an unrivaled vaping experience but does so with your health and safety in mind. Compliant with the Farm Bill Act, it contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, offering peace of mind with every flavorful draw. Don’t miss the starfruit shadow blend ghost cart disposables available now at a discount.

User Endorsements

“Never knew relaxation could have a flavor, until I tried Ghost’s Limoncello… It’s an almost instant feel of tranquility,” says one of many satisfied customers.

Ready to let the waves of calm wash over you with the fresh taste of lemon? Click here to buy your Ghost Shadow Blend Limoncello Disposable today and join a growing community of enthusiasts who choose quality, reliability, and unparalleled flavor.