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Ghost Carts THC

At Ghost disposable store we believe in providing top-shelf cannabis that you can enjoy any time of the day. we have bold and amazing flavors.

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Our approach of producing ghost vape pens involves blending high-potency thc oil with the finest quality, cannabis-derived terpenes. our commitment is to use a proprietary combination of top-notch cannabis-derived terpenes and high-potency distillate to maintain a consistent and dependable high.

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Torch X Ghost Customer Testimonials

My first experience with Ghost Carts was honestly better than I expected. I ordered the Strawberry Cough disposable, and not only did it arrive two days earlier than anticipated, but the flavor profile was spot on – sweet with just the right hint of berry. The euphoria was gentle yet uplifting, perfect for my after-work relaxation routine. I also appreciate the packaging’s discretion. It’s clear that Ghost Carts values both quality and customer privacy.

Lonnie Francisco

Verified Buyer

“I’m usually quite skeptical about ordering online, especially cannabis products, but Ghost Carts has earned my trust and then some. From the user-friendly website to the swift customer service response when I had questions about THC potency, I was treated with care. When I tried their Presidential OG and the Pineapple Express disposable, the effect was clean, with no harshness and a pleasantly energetic buzz that lasted longer than I anticipated. Plus, the battery life outlasted the contents – a welcome surprise!”


Verified Buyer

“As a female OG of vape disposables, my standards are high, and Ghost not only met but exceeded them. The OG Kush disposable provides a full-body relaxation that’s perfect for my chronic pain. Also, the tips they provide about ensuring the carts stay at optimum functionality really helped me get the most out of my product. Great flavor, smooth delivery, and relief from my symptoms – it’s all I want, and it’s what Ghost Carts delivers.”
Jenna P

Verified Buyer, California

“Having used vape disposables from various companies, my experience with Ghost Carts has been unparalleled. The Granddaddy Purple disposable has become my nighttime ritual for unwinding. The initial draw gave a rich, grape-like taste that was unlike any other brand I’ve tried. I was particularly impressed with the calming sensation that helped me achieve a full night of restorative sleep. Their attention to quality is evident in every puff. “
Ellen Michel.

Verified Buyer

GHOST… Excellent product!
GHOST… Excellent product!
One word: WOW. Ghost pens are something else! The moment I took the first hit, I knew it was top-tier. The flavor was every bit as vibrant as I’d hoped having heard so much about it from a friend, the cerebral buzz has a clarity to it that invigorates my creative endeavors. Plus, they’re super transparent about their lab results, which is a huge win for me.”
Sara W

Verified Buyer

“As someone relatively new to vaping, Ghost Carts made my experience effortless. Their website had tons of helpful information, making it a breeze to choose what I needed. The Forbidden Fruit disposable was my choice, and it delivered a tropical escape in every hit, and the effects were exceptionally smooth. Also, the fact that their disposables don’t leak or have a burnt taste like others is a major plus!”

Alex from Texas

Verified Buyer